Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mexico fun time, aka Honeymoon 2

this is my first little blog so here we go. I am posting my stuff and then rach can post the stuff she wants. So this is what we did...went to the sweetest resort, sat by the pool drank virgin pina coladas (love happy hour 2 for 1), catamaran tour to isla mujeres, and the chichen-itza (mayan ruins) tour. all very very fun, to bad we don't have more time. I guess you can only relax so much. ha whatever

rachel is not the sailor she thought she was. :)

fun little cenote swim (google it)

basically we had a ton of fun and enjoyed our time together, fell deeper in love and became better friends.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

welcome home stranger!

"In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children-"
-Alma 46:12

jonathon is finally coming home! i don't have an exact date yet, but i know it's before the end of the month!!!!! i am so excited and looking forward to getting my husband, lover, and best friend back in my life! it will be like our first year of marriage all over! ha! oh boy....not again! ;)
i want to say 'thank you' to you babe. thank you for your sacrifice and hard work over the past 6 yrs and especially for the last 6 mos in that dry desert land. i can't believe we've made it through this craziness.... thank you for your dedication and devotion to our country. you have truly been selfless. i have been blessed daily because of your efforts. i have looked to you for an example and in the process, fallen even more in love with you. i am grateful for all you have done for me, our family, friends and fellow men. i love you. welcome home handsome.

Friday, July 31, 2009

my bald boyfriend

this is why i love him. he pulls these faces all the time. and it makes it even funnier when he's recently cut his hairs for the marine dudes. this was taken when i made him get a mani/pedi with me during his week home before he left for the i-rack. i think he had more fun taking pics of himself with my/his new toy (the new google phone) he bought me so he could reach me at anytime while he is gone. so far it's working out quite well!

one of my borrowed babies...

this is Indiana (my indi). look at that smile. look at that face! come on! she is 'not my favorite' but she likes me the best and therefore, wants to take pictures with me more than my other nieces. ha. anyhow. this is at the lagoon day (the only amusement park in utah) for my mom's Harmon's work party. it was so fun! we ate cotton candy, got faces painted, we rode the tidal wave when indi thought she would die and got so was sad, but funny, later i accidentally got her wet and made her cry in the lazy river at the water park (she's the sensitive one. the one who would cry at the sound of a garage door opening when she was a year old), later she was choking down a dry hamburger and i saved the day by giving her lots of ketchup to dip it in. it was a great day! she is the cutest!
oh. and funny story about her. i said, "come on indi it's time to eat dinner." and she looks up at me curiously and states, "why are we eating again?" ha. kids never know what time it is and we had eaten a few hrs before at the same place. she must have not been hungry or wanted to have to fight down another hamburger. ha. but let's face it, all you do at lagoon is eat, play, and eat some more. right? "silly adults. all you do is pig out all day long." must have been going through her little mind.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NOT Loves.

realizing that i'm getting old...seeing gray hairs and wrinkles by my eyes
that i don't cook more healthy
oh...that i saw my likes and realized i'm a loser...all i do is shop and eat...and bring my friends down with me.
no sex for a really, really, really long time...(De-freakin' cember)
flossing ( i just can't handle it anymore)
not seeing my husband's cute smile, face, eyes, etc.
jessica "slut" simpson and her lame fashion line (why is it that if you're an actor you automatically get to have your own fashion line? COME ON!!!...and why does my ec"eternal comp" think she's hot? she got fat too....and she has chiclet teeth. seriously.)
cleaning toilets
wearing pink (baby pink is for babies. period.)
comparing myself to others (face it. you all do it.)
re-painting my toenails
deciding how to decorate my hacienda (or rather... not doing anything about it at all and having an ugly house)
not remembering proper punctuation and grammar from college
my job
getting sick on my b-day when i planned an awesome park city event and had to cancel it
not understanding politics
everyone decorating with vinyl lettering and roosters in Utah--please put the roosters away!
not doing yoga to get skinny
being a hypocrite
not being able to play any musical instrument
people who don't understand my humor
people who don't understand anything at all
my impatience with many a thing
being towed in my own neighborhood
killing every plant i've owned
not having an organic garden
not being able to grow a baby yet
changing my mind....always.
not dancing anymore
not kissing passionately anymore
when good bestest friends move away
not being as spiritual as you know you could be
periodical cramps
old people whose dentures flop around as they eat....i might be mean, but you know it's not the most pleasurable to have to watch.
playing phone tag
Not seeing my lover til december :(

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Talking to Jonathon on the phone, instant message, and via email (any form will do)
Watching the Bachelorette at Natster's house
Harmon's sugar cookies (sick! what is wrong with us?)
Chips and salsa (but it has to be MISSION tortilla chips and Sam's Choice Lime & Garlic Salsa)
Royal Thai
Making Claire-a-roni laugh
Cottage Living Magazine (out of print, but you can borrow mine)
$20 skinny jeans from forever 21
Trying to dress like a teenager with all the trendy styles (I'm not very good at this yet, but better than janessa)
Gold hoop earrings
Days when I can sleep in
When my twin nieces yell, "annie (aka: auntie) rachel!!" when I walk in the room
Teaching the mia maids
New Hampshire
Fiji water
Dancing with the Stars/So you think you can dance?
Dancing the samba
Late nights at Janesser's keeping her company while her husband is working, and while mine is in the I-RACK.
Buying expensive shoes and returning them
Changing my mind...a lot
Sending packages to Jonathon
Jelly Bellies
Landscaping my own yard bc the freaking HOA reeks of disappointment and failure (would not replace my dead bushes)
Eating desserts every day, even though I'm worried I'll be a big white blob when Jonathon comes home
Not washing my hair (well, utter lack of hygiene since husband's absence...but wait, if he were here, he'd like it - he wouldn't care and wants me to have dread locks and eat granola all day)
Shopping at Ross and T.J. Bumper
Sunday dinners with my family
The awesome new clubbing music at my work all day long (my ears hurt...)
Tweezing my beard
Watching Twilight 5 times a month with my sister Esther (they're so D.A.M.N. hotttt)
no-bake cookies
My beautiful husband. (I love him in every possible way. He is my favorite husband)

(as you can tell janessa and i wrote this whilst jordan was at work and we were bored.)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

blowing bubbleyum in YUCCA valley

Yeah! i just took off and went to see jonathon this weekend w two other marine wives. in twenty minutes i packed my bags and found people to cover my shifts at work (conveniently forgetting to clear it w my boss) and jumped in the car. it was so good to see my hot hunky lover again! i'm so glad i went even though he came home the week before.... even 1 and a 1/2 more days was worth all the money in the world just to see his smile again. but to say the place was "yucca" is a huge understatement. small, hick town and so many funnay things about that aside- we had the best time. all there was to do there was eat fast food. so we did. and i gained (not joking in the least) 7 lbs. whoa! get me a treadmill stat! this freaked the crap out of me. but jonathon pretended not to notice like any good husband should. i love this man. he is so cute in every possible way. as of an hour ago, he is REALLY (marines hurry up and wait) on his way to iraq. they tell him they're leaving at 5 am today and didn't leave til 5pm. it's always been that way-we hate it.
the whole mini trip was wonderful!